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Welcome to LAS: Laboratory Assistant Suite

The LAS is the ultimate Web-based platform for the management of laboratory data!

Track the lab!

The Laboratory Assistant Suite (LAS) platform assists the researchers in different laboratory activities by tracking lab processes

Completely Web-based

No installation needed. Just open your Web browser and connect to the LAS whenever and wherever. Try it now here

Easy to use

Keeping track of lab data is ridiculously easy. Powerful queries allows users to find anything, anytime and anywhere. User interfaces are designed to be practical in hostile environments

Modular, under the hood

Each LAS module is tailored to handle specific activities or data types, but it is plugged into a broader and uniform framework with a fully integrated fashion

Cutting-edge techs

We build brand new solutions by exploiting cutting-edge technologies to tackle the complexity of scientific data

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We are a passionate team.
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Byalessandro.fiori Feb 8, 2018

Software Engineer recruitment

Ricerchiamo un Software Engineer da impiegare nel design e nell’implementazione del LAS 2.0: una piattaforma dati Web-based, utilizzata nella

Byalessandro.fiori May 3, 2017

Data Analysis Visualization

Goals Innovative approaches to visualize big data obtained by nect generation sequecing Innovative software environments to explore data min

Byalessandro.fiori May 3, 2017

Virtual Laboratory

The thesis aims at exploiting computer vision for sensor-based real-time tracking of laboratory activities. The main goal is to develop a protot

Byalessandro.fiori May 3, 2017

3D Laboratory

This project aims at realizing a virtual representation of life-science working environments based on 3D interactive models. The main goal is to