Knowledge Base-driven Laboratory Management System


Knowledge Base-driven Laboratory Management System

When building software systems for describing and managing laboratory experimental processes, the wide range of possible investigations presents several challenges. Different levels of representation complexity and granularity and various descriptive terms can be used to describe the processes of interest.

To govern such dynamism and data heterogeneity, our research group is developing an ambitious project that includes the design of a Knowledge Base, a system to represent facts about the world, and an inference engine to reason about those facts, deduce new knowledge and highlight inconsistencies by means of rules.



Successful candidates are expected to acquire the following skills:

Programming (Java, Python) Knowledge and content management
NoSQL Database Expertise with semantic technologies and
Natural Language Processing
Ontologies (OWL, Protegé editor)


We are looking for students seriously determined to increase their skills in a challenging teamwork-oriented environment.
PLACE OF WORK: Politecnico di Torino in collaboration with IRCCS Candiolo
CONTACTS: Andrea Bertotti –

Alessandro Fiori –

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