Next Generation Sequencing

The Next Generation Sequencing module manages and tracks samples analyzed with NGS technology. The following activities are available.

Validate samples

The user plans a set of aliquots for experiment using the Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology from the Biobank module. During the experiment planning the user defines also a title and description (optional). Before performing the molecular experiment, the user should validate the scheduled aliquots and confirm the used quantity for each aliquot. The user should insert the barcode of each aliquot to perform the validation procedure. Moreover, The instrument, the assay and the kit used in the experiment must be defined before validating the samples and concluding the procedure.

Upload results

All validated requests are visualized. After selecting an experiment, the user can upload a set of files for one or more samples. The files associated with each sample can be visualized and removed if necessary. Every time a set of files is associated with one or more samples, the previous association is overwritten. Moreover, the user can update the used volume for each sample, mark whether the aliquot has been exhausted and/or whether the experiment on the sample has failed. Failed samples may not have any associated files.

Download results

To retrieve the files associated with analyzed samples, the user can exploit the following filters: (i) Patient code, (ii) Informed consent, (iii) Collection protocol, (iv) Barcode and (v) Genealogy ID. Filters are evaluated by performing a logical AND of all conditions. For each sample, the system visualizes the associated files for each experiment. The user can download the files of interest, which will be saved as a zipped folder with the same structure as the one visualized on screen. Each search resets the set of visualized samples.