Byalessandro.fiori Jun 8, 2017

Software Engineer recruitment

Ricerchiamo un Software Engineer da impiegare nel design e nell’implementazione del LAS 2.0: una piattaforma dati Web-based, utilizzata nella

Byalessandro.fiori May 3, 2017

Data Analysis Visualization

Goals Innovative approaches to visualize big data obtained by nect generation sequecing Innovative software environments to explore data min

Byalessandro.fiori May 3, 2017

Virtual Laboratory

The thesis aims at exploiting computer vision for sensor-based real-time tracking of laboratory activities. The main goal is to develop a protot

Byalessandro.fiori May 3, 2017

3D Laboratory

This project aims at realizing a virtual representation of life-science working environments based on 3D interactive models. The main goal is to

Byalessandro.fiori May 3, 2017

Clinical Data Management

The thesis aims at exploiting database and web technologies for tracking and analyzing clinical data . The main goal is to develop a web-based p

Byalessandro.fiori May 2, 2017

Integrative analysis of Translational Cancer Data

Goals Innovative approaches to integrating biological data by means of semantic technology Query engine to retrieve and aggregate relevant

Byalessandro.fiori May 2, 2017

Postdoctoral fellowship in Data Modeling for Translational Research

A fully funded postdoctoral position is available on the LAS 2.0 project at Department of Oncological Sciences, University of Torino Medical Scho

Byalessandro.fiori May 2, 2017

Knowledge Base-driven Laboratory Management System

When building software systems for describing and managing laboratory experimental processes, the wide range of possible investigations presents