Virtual Laboratory


Virtual Laboratory

The thesis aims at exploiting computer vision for sensor-based real-time tracking of laboratory activities. The main goal is to develop a prototypic platform for automated monitoring of interactions between users, instruments and experimental materials. A virtual representation of objects and activities is also foreseen to provide intuitive and user-friendly GUIs.


Biological laboratories need Next Generation LIMS

Computer Vision to improve the efficiency of laboratory data-tracking procedures

Interactive 3D visualization for real time representation of user activities and laboratory workflows


Successful candidates are expected to acquire the following skills:

Sensor and optical systems management 3D object recognition
Programming (Python, Java) Motion analysis



We are looking for students seriously determined to increase their skills in a challenging teamwork-oriented environment.
PLACE OF WORK: Politecnico di Torino in collaboration with IRCCS Candiolo
CONTACTS: Andrea Bertotti –

Alessandro Fiori –

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